Washakie Trail

Washakie Trail

Nearest Metro Area: Fort Washake
Wyoming 82514

Wyoming, Wind, Rivers
Fee? Yes

This trail explores tribal lands where there are few visitors but plenty of pristine lakes and streams with the soaring Wind River Range as a constant backdrop.

About this Trail

Due to the remote location, most visitors will want to spend several days backpacking to explore the area. The majority of travel is at altitude on minimally-maintained uneven trails. However, most days will consist of moderate hiking mileage. Don't forget to purchase a "trespass permit" that will allows full use of tribal lands.

Day 1: From the south end of Moccasin Lake, follow Washakie Trail west then south west past several trail junctions. You should reach Gaylord Lake in about 4.6 miles. Find a campsite here or further on near Moss Lake. You’ll gain about 600, passing Mary’s Lake and Hobb’s Peak with other majestic peaks in the distance all around.

Day 2: Continue hiking west toward the Onion Meadows NE of Grave Lake, heading NW. In under five miles you’ll find campsites north of the Onion Meadows at about the same altitude. Pass Valentine Peak and as climb to campsites near small lakes. On the ascent, pause to look back and see a great view of Grave Lake and Mt. Hooker.
Near Hooker Peak and Grave Lake
Day 3: Ahead lies the lake basin. This will be your longest day of 8½ miles and you’ll enter the high basin where you'll camp near Movo Lake at 9,400 feet. Climb to Tepee pass at 11,100 feet and proceed north to Movo Lake where you can layover two nights.

Day 4-5: Layover to explore the lake basin area without packs. You'll also have access to the remote and seldom-visited cirques at the head of Wilson Creek.

Day 6: Skirt to the north of Raft Lake through a narrow granite passage and then on to Twin Lakes at 8,800 feet.

Little Wind River Drainage
Day 7: The last day’s hike will be around five miles from Twin Lakes to Washakie Park and a shuttle vehicle at about 8,900 feet.

Note: Almost all this trail is on native lands. Trails are not maintained by the USFS, and may often be indistinct and uneven. It will require careful use of map and compass.

Directions to Trailhead

From Jackson, WY, head north on US 26/89/191 toward Yellowstone. Turn right (east) on US 26/287, following US 287 south to Fort Washakie, about 120 miles. Follow Trout Creek road SSW to Moccasin Lake, another forty miles.

Notes on Difficulty Rating

This trip is rated moderate due to the relatively short daily distances and total mileage with backpacks of about 26 miles. (Presuming a seven day backpack.) Keep in mind trails are not signed or maintined, and you'll be operating at altitude.

Cirque of the Towers from Shadow Lake
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Trail At-A-Glance
Elevation at trailhead: 9500
Highest Elevation: 11100
Lowest Elevation: 8900

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