Uvas Canyon - Waterfall Loop

Uvas Canyon - Waterfall Loop

Nearest Metro Area: Morgan Hill
California 95037

Uvas, Canyon, Swanson, Creek, Black, Rock, Falls, Knobcone, Point, Basin, Falls, Manzanita, Point, Triple, Falls
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About this Trail

This is a 5.2 miles hike through Uvas Canyon passing multiple waterfalls.

This hike can be a stunning surprise.

This lushly wooded park of 1,133 acres is nestled in upper Uvas Canyon on the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains with plenty of waterfalls. The canyon is filled with oaks, laurels, big-leaf maples, and Douglas firs, all thriving in the moist environment around Swanson Creek.

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To Black Rock Falls:
From the parking lot at 1200 feet or the Black Oak Picnic Area, follow the Waterfall Loop Trail 0.3 miles upstream on the left side of Swanson Creek. Here, the trail fords a small creek coming from the right, it reaches a juntion after 0.1 miles. Bear right and follow the trail directly to Black Rock Falls at 1600 feet, 0.1 miles away, located in a side canyon (Mile 0.5). The waterfall is pouring 30 feet down over black rock in front of you.

To Knobcone Point:
Return to the Waterfall Loop Trail and continue upstream. After 0.1 mile, turn right at the junction and follow the steeply ascending Knobcone Trail for 0.4 miles with some good views over the canyon from the trail until you reach Knobcone Point at 2100 feet (Mile 1).

To Upper Falls:
Return to the Waterfall Loop Trail and after 0.1 miles, the trail crosses a side creek. Following a few feet the Swanson Creek, you are standing in front of the impressive Upper Falls (Mile 1.5) at 1600 feet.

To Basin Falls:
Return to the Waterfall Loop Trail with the junction leading to Basin Falls, 0.1 mile ahead. Basin Falls is 20 feet high and surrounded by moss-covered rocks.

To Manzanita Point:
Return to the junction and follow Contour Trail on the right side of Swanson Creek upstream for 0.2 miles through a narrow canyon. Here, at 1800 feet, the trail fords the creek and turns east. The Contour Trail leads through a dense oak and Douglas fir forest, crossing a few small ravines and slightly descends to 1600 feet until it reaches Alec Canyon Trail after 1.4 miles (Mile 3.3). Turn right (east) on Alec Canyon Trail and after 0.3 miles, the trail reaches Manzanita Point with a bench and great views (Mile 3.6) of the South Bay and Diablo Range.

To Triple Falls:
From Manzanita Point, the trail descends and reaches after 0.2 miles the junction leading to Triple Falls. Turn right and follow the trail through second growth Redwood forest to Triple Falls, which it reaches after 0.2 miles (Mile 4.0). Triple Falls is a series of cascades, totaling 40 feet height.

To Black Oak Picnic Area:
From here, return to Alec Canyon Trail, follow Alec Canyon Trail back to Manzanita Point and from here back to the junction with Contour Trail (Mile 4.7). Keep right and follow Alec Canyon Trail for 0.5 miles down to the Black Oak Picnic Area (Mile 5.2).

Directions to Trailhead

Uvas Canyon County Park is located at the end of Croy Road in Uvas Canyon.

From Highway 101 near Morgan Hill, take exit #373 Bailey Avenue and turn right for 3.2 miles. Turn left on McKean Road for 2.4 miles and continue straight on Uvas Road for 3.7 miles. You will see a sign indicating to turn a right to reach Uvas Canyon County Park. Turn right on Croy Road and after 4.4 miles, you reach Uvas Canyon County Park, where you have to pay a parking fee at the entrance at an automated kiosk (credit card).

Croy Road passes through Sveadal, to reach the Park entrance. Sveadal is a private resort belonging to the Swedish American Patriotic League. Please respect their privacy and drive slowly as you pass through Sveadal.
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Trail At-A-Glance
Distance: 5.2 miles
Change in Elevation: 900
Elevation at trailhead: 1200
Highest Elevation: 2100
Lowest Elevation: 1200

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