Stone Mountain (Atlanta, GA) Walk Up Trail

Stone Mountain (Atlanta, GA) Walk Up Trail

Georgia 30087
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About this Trail

Stone Mountain is an amazing feature of the landscape in this part of Georgia. It looks as if someone swiped a dome from Yosemite and dropped it into the forests of Georgia. The surrounding countryside looks deceptively flat in comparison from the top of this walk up trail. Up top you get a pretty amazing view of the world, Atlanta off in the distance, a reservoir curling around the base of the mountain. On clearer days they say you can see the ocean and mountains to the north.

Parts of the trail are pleasantly forested, and if you walk not too far off the beaten path (a yellow line guides you up the mountain) you can watch hawks and buzzards making their rounds in the wind.

There's a nice resting place halfway up, and if you are desperate for water, there is food and restrooms at the top of the mountain.

I imagine it could get pretty crowded in the summer, and the larger park has lots of events, do if you are looking for solitude this is not likely the trail you are looking for.

Check link for more information and trail map.

Directions to Trailhead (or put-in on water trails)

Stone Mountain Park is approximaqtely 25 miles due east of downtown Atlanta. To get there by car you first find Atlanta's perimerter interstate, I-285. The exit toward Stone Mounain is about hlfway between I-20 east, and I-85 north. Take US 78 toward Athens. the park entrance is about 8.5 miles and is hard to miss.DO NOT TAKE STONE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE EXIT) One time parking /entranceis $8 and $35 for an annual pass (there are plenty of parking spots, and you can also get to the top of the mountain by cable car).

You can get there from Atlanta taking public transit. Taking the East West MARTA line out east of the city, one connects up with either the 118 (@ Kennsington Sta.) or 120 (@ Avondale Sta.) MARTA bus lines. Check google maps for this, or the MARTA website where you can get exact times. It takes less than an hour.

From the bus stop nearest the bus stop (its the last stop for both lines at a commuter parking lot, don't be afraid to ask the drive), you walk up the street in the same direction as the bus is going, and take a right at E Mountain Street. A quarter of the mile down you are at a gate of the park, keep walking more or less straight and you'll find yourself at the top of the mountain.

Notes on Difficulty Rating

The walk up trail is pretty short, 1 mile roughly, but there is one particularly steep section (which has a hand rail). More dangerous areas are fenced off (which ain't pretty but they've probably had a lot of people slide off).

Decent shoes are a good thing too. I'd definitely be wary of going up there during or right after a rain.

Created: Thursday, 14 May 2009 22:18
Original Creator: drain

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Trail At-A-Glance
Distance: 2 miles miles
Change in Elevation: 600
Elevation at trailhead: 1000
Highest Elevation: 1600
Lowest Elevation: 1600

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