Reservoir Canyon

Reservoir Canyon

Nearest Metro Area: San Luis Obispo
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This easy trail, not far from the edge of San Luis Obispo, features a waterfall (during the right season) and a trek alongside a creek, with views of the surrounding hills. It is flat with a few gentle rises because it tends to follow the San Luis Creek.

A couple of boardwalk bridges have been constructed over parts of the creek, and a full-on wooden bridge crosses a deeper section. In heavy rains the smaller bridges can slip away or get off track, necessitating walking through the water.

See a slideshow below, under "Trail Updates". Also check the link below for more information - there is a good guide (pdf) on that page, with much more information.

Directions to Trailhead

Take highway 101 northbound from San Luis Obispo. Turn right at Reservoir Canyon Road, which is not far from the city limits. There is a right-turn lane especially for this road, which makes it safer than it used to be. Follow Reservoir Canyon Road to its end, where you will see a parking turnout on the left. Park in the turnout.

The trailhead is across the street. After viewing the falls, a short distance, you may climb up the hill to the left of the falls or you can retrace your steps to the road and continue a short distance up the road for another entrance to the continuation of the trail.

Follow the trail as far as you like. The main path goes for about a mile, but you can take it further and be treated to gorgeous views from above. The longer hike is strenuous.

Notes on Difficulty Rating

Easy but sometimes you may have to ford the creek. Taking the path more than a mile means you will encounter more climbing, greater difficulty.

Created: Saturday, 19 December 2009 14:54
Original Creator: Judith A
Judith A

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Distance: 2 miles
Change in Elevation: 200

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