Mount Olomana

Mount Olomana

Nearest Metro Area: Kailua
Hawaii 96734

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About this Trail

This is a 5 miles long challenging hike of the three towering peaks of Mount Olomana, which some call the Matterhorn of Hawaii. The rewards will be thrilling climbs and amazing 360-degree views from the first peak: facing the ocean seeing the Windward Coast from Makapuu to Kualoa, and to the other side the Kualoa Mountain Range.

Olomana rises to 1,643 feet at its highest point. The area has been designated as Mount Olomana State Monument.

To the trail head: 0.5 miles (Mile 0.5)
From the small bridge at Luana Hills Road, follow the road and enter the gated entrance into Luana Hills Country Club. After ½ mile, a large sign on the left side of the road marks the trail head.

To the first peak: 1.3 miles (Mile 1.8)
The trail leads through forest area and climbs more steeply over red dirt hills until reaching three areas, where robes will assist the ascent. After 1.1 miles, the trail faces a 15-foot rock face. A robe is affixed to a tree atop the rock face to aid the ascent. Once on top, a beautiful panoramic view of the Windward side is yours.

To the second peak: 0.5 miles (Mile 2.3)
On the other side of the peak, the trail descends steeply over a saddle between both peaks and climbs over rocky areas to the second peak.

To the third peak: 0.7 miles
On the second peak, check your strength and ability before approaching the third peak. Some challenges might be best left unexplored. The distance to the third peak is 0.7 miles and is narrowing at the end. There is a single long climbing robe to get down the deep drop from the top of the second peak to the saddle between second and third peak.

Directions to Trailhead

Luana Hills Road
Kailua, Hawaii 96734

Luana Hills is located in the Maunawili area of O´ahu.

From H1 West take the Pali Highway, or from Honolulu, turn Mauka from the Nimitz onto Alakea Street which eventually becomes the Pali Highway.
Continue up and over the Ko´olau Mountain Range, through the Pali Tunnel.
At the bottom of the hill on the Windward side continue through the first traffic light, a major intersection connecting Kamehameha Highway and Kane´ohe, onto the Kalaniana´ole Highway.
Stay on the Kalaniana´ole Highway through the next intersection and traffic light (Kapa´a Quarry Road), and finally turn right at the third traffic light : Auloa Road.

From here immediately cross the traffic island to your left onto the access road Luana Hills Road that parallels the main highway.

Park before crossing the small bridge at Luna Hills Road.
There isn’t any parking allowed after it.

From here hike along the pasture for about 100 yards, you will enter the gated entrance to Luana Hills. Follow Luana Hills Road for ½ mile to the signed trail head at the left side of the road.

Notes on Difficulty Rating

Certain trail sections have rope assisted climbing.

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Trail At-A-Glance
Distance: 5 miles
Change in Elevation: 1,643
Elevation at trailhead: 100
Highest Elevation: 1,643
Lowest Elevation: 100

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