Mina Sauk Falls Trail

Mina Sauk Falls Trail

Nearest Metro Area: Pilot Knob

St., Francois, Mts, Taum, Sauk, State, Park, MO, geology
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The Mina Sauk Falls Trail is a 3 mile trail to Mina Sauk Falls with a well marked trail which winds down the mountain from the highest point in MO (1772 feet) to the Mina Sauk Falls and Taum Sauk Creek. Most of the forests are oak-hickory. But there are numerous Ozark glades from which to view the surrounding mountains of the St. Francois Mountains which were formed in pre-Cambrian times as well as glade life itself. Igneous, and volcanic rocks some as old a 1.5 billions years such as red and gray granites, felsite and rhyrolites underlie much of Missouri but here they have been exposed by post-Cambrian upward movement and erosion. These ancent knobs were also covered by the sea in late Cambrian times so there are reminants of younger rocks such as sandstones and limestones.

Once you have explored Mina Sauk Falls you can return to the parking lot at the trailhead for Taum Sauk State Park on a circular route or you may continue following a trail down Taum Sauk Creek to the Ozark Trail for about .5 mile. The Ozark Trail leads across the mountains you have been viewing for about 13 miles to Johnson's Shut-in State Park. This part of the Ozark Trail has been reopened since the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse damaged the trail near the Eastern Fork of the Black River in December of 2005.
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Distance: 3 miles miles
Elevation at trailhead: 1772 ft
Highest Elevation: 1772, Trailhead

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