Loyalsock Trail

About this Trail

The Loyalsock Trail, a wilderness footpath, runs from PA 87, 10 miles north of Montoursville, to U.S. 220 at Ringdale, a distance of 59.3 miles. The trail parallels the creek, mostly following ridges, but at times passing mountain streams, waterfalls, lakes, and ponds. The Loyalsock Trail is known for its many fine vistas
The name Loyalsock Creek is from the Indian phrase, "LAWI-SAQUICK," meaning middle creek since it flows between Muncy Creek and Lycoming Creek. The Loyalsock Creek begins in Wyoming County and ends at Montoursville, PA, where it flows into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River
The LT passes many points of interest: Allegheny Ridge, Smiths Knob, Angel Falls, Kettle Creek Vista, Dutter Run Falls, Mary's View, High Knob, Lee's and Rode Falls in Ketchum Run Gorge, Alpine Views, Mineral Spring, Loyalsock Canyon Vista, Worlds End State Park, High Rock Vista, Beaver Dam, Ken's Window, Alpine Falls, Sones Pond, The Haystacks, and Dutchman Falls.

Directions to Trailhead

The LOYALSOCK TRAIL (LT), is a footpath which begins on PA Route 87, 9.0 miles north of the Route 87-Montoursville Exit from Interstate 180 (US ROUTE 220) and ends at the parking lot on Meade Road, .2 miles from US Route 220. Entrance to Meade Road is 2.4 miles north of the intersection of Routes 220 and 154 near Laporte.

Notes on Difficulty Rating

You should be physically fit to hike the rough terrain: wear proper shoes and clothing; be prepared for changing weather conditions; and carry adequate food. We recommend that you wear or carry long pants since you may encounter briers or nettles on some sections of the trail. For safety, wear hunter orange during archery and small game hunting seasons, and do not hike the trail during large game season, which generally starts the Monday prior to Thanksgiving and lasts for three weeks. There is no hunting permitted by law on Sunday. Anyone hiking the LT does so at their own risk.
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Trail At-A-Glance
Distance: 59.21 miles
Elevation at trailhead: 665
Highest Elevation: 2140

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