Brown's Trail

Brown's Trail

Nearest Metro Area: Phoenix
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About this Trail

The extensive 95 square mile Four Peaks Wilderness Area is located east of Phoenix, AZ. The Brown’s Trail begins at Lone Pine Saddle at 5700 feet ASL on the northern shoulder of Four Peaks. It climbs through areas of juniper and Ponderosa Pine, many showing the effects of the 1996 Lone Fire. Areas of chaparral have regenerated fiercely in openings where the fire burned the forest totally, resulting in beautiful flowered areas during the spring. Walk a little over two miles to Brown’s Saddle at about 6750 feet ASL. The western cliffs of the Superstition Wilderness are seen from the saddle, as well as panoramas of Arizona’s wild country to the east. From the saddle one may continue on the Amethyst Trail to its end at the Amethyst Mine or turn left up the rugged chute to the top of Brown’s Peak, Four Peaks’ highest summit at 7657 ft ASL. The Forest Service limits group size to 15 on this trail.

Directions to Trailhead

There are two routes to the trailhead at Lone Pine Saddle in Four Peaks Wilderness. From Phoenix travel east on Highway 87, the Beeline Highway, to the Four Peaks Road, FR 143, intersecting Hwy 87 about four miles past the Saguaro Lake turnoff. Follow this unpaved road about 18 miles to a junction at the top of the main ridge with signs indicating Lone Pine Saddle to the right. Continue about a mile to the trailhead at the end of the road.
The second route is longer but the road is in much better condition. Continue on the Beeline Highway past the Four Peaks Road turnoff to Highway 188. Turn right and drive 21 miles south to El Oso Road. Drive 11 miles up this unpaved but well graded road to the ridge top where it intersects with the Four Peaks Road. Turn left one mile to the trailhead.
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Trail At-A-Glance
Distance: 4 miles
Change in Elevation: 1760
Elevation at trailhead: 5700
Highest Elevation: 6760
Lowest Elevation: 6760

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