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Making S'mores

For a lot of campers, a trip to the outdoors just isn’t complete without s’mores. They are an American camping tradition, going back at least to 1927, when they appeared in the Girl Scout Handbook. S’mores are deserts made with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Although easy to make, put several campers around a campfire and you’re bound to get a debate about how to make the best s’more.

Generally everyone can agree on the basics. Find a good stick and put a marshmallow or two on the end. Then hold the marshmallow over the fire. When it’s ready, place the marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers to make a sandwich. That’s what we can all agree on. Then there are personal choices and advanced options.

There is a major debate in s’more cooking about whether the marshmallow should be cooked over a flame or coals. Flame people are often impulsive, restless folks who want their s’more as soon as possible. Some even like to burn the marshmallow. Coal folk tend to be patient cooks that go for a nice even brown. They are also the ones who will give away a marshmallow that hasn’t been perfectly roasted. 

Advanced s’more makers will tell you that you need to leave the chocolate on the graham cracker near the fire so that it will melt. This is not a bad idea. But you will find your own personal techniques soon enough. Enjoy!