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Nature Notes

There's a lot to learn about life on the trail -- the wildlife you meet at ground level, the birds you see soaring in the air, the flora that surrounds you. We invite you to listen to Nature Notes, sound bites from conversations with naturalists and hike leaders who share both their wisdom and funny encounters in the great outdoors.

Please be sure your computer speakers are on! When you click on "listen," the audio file will begin playing -- you don't want to miss anything!

About the Nature Notes series.

1. How Well Do You Know Vultures?

Listen and learn about some of their....interesting habits. You've gotta love 'em!

2. Do Vultures Hunt by Sight or Smell?

Do turkey vultures find their food with their eyes--or their sense of smell? You might be surprised.

3. Why Creeks Rise Before the Rainy Season

Why do creeks flow in autumn before the first rainfall?

4. Tiny Sounds from a Giant Creature

It's a small sound, but it comes from a huge creature. Learn more!

5. Possums Playing Dead

Possums have some unique defense mechanisms. Playing dead is just one of them!

6. Rattlesnake Encounters

Could a rattlesnake beat you in a footrace? Learn that and more from naturalist Gary Bogue.

7. When You Meet a Mountain Lion

Should you run from a mountain lion, or fight back?

8. What's the Story Behind Lichen?

What's lichen, really, and what does it have to do with marriage?

9. How Hawks Find Their Food

How do hawks and kites find their food? You'd be surprised...Listen up!