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Trail Rules for Bikers

Singletrack. Mountain biking is a great was to get outside and be active. But there are often conflicts between bikers and other trail users. You can help keep trails open for bikers by following some basic rules (adapted from IMBA).

1. Make sure bikes are allowed. To reduce conflict between hikers, equestrians, and bikers, it’s important to follow posted rules about what’s allowed on a trail. Biking is not allowed in wilderness areas. By following these rules, you help the image of biking in the public eye, thereby keeping more trails open to bikes.

2. Leave no trace. Don’t litter or go off trail. Construct obstacles like ramps and jumps only in areas open to them.

3. Stay in control. Know your limits and stay within them. This is for your safety and that of other users.

4. Yield. Bikers should yield to other trail users, and downhill bikers to those heading uphill.

5. Do not disturb animals, whether horses on the trail or wildlife in the area.

6. Plan ahead. Make sure you can fix any problems that may arise (like a flat tire), have the correct gear with you (including a helmet), and know where you are going.